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Welcome to our new website!  On behalf of all the officers of Section 2, we welcome all our visitors and trust this will prove to be a very exciting and useful tool for our section!

Section 2 is one of the larger sections, if not the largest, in land mass in the state of Louisiana!  It reaches from the rolling hills of the  Feliciana Parishes in the North, to the Gulf of Mexico toward the South.  It reaches from Livingston Parish in the East to Point Coupee Parish in the West.  It includes our capital city, Baton Rouge, one of the largest cities in the state, with a metroplex population of almost one million souls!  Section 2 also includes other growing cities and parishes and offers, through this growth, opportunities for revival and the planting of churches!

Section  2 is blessed with great pastors, along with other ministers, who share the vision for God's work.  This section has grown more new churches than any section within our district in the past decade.  For this we say, "Thanks be to our Wonderful God!"

We plan to use this website as an instrument of communication to further advance the Kingdom of God. Our goal is to create an easily accessible, central location, that will facilitate access to information that will help you grow your church, and provide you a venue to advertize upcoming events, while opening  a line of communication for the sharing of thoughts and ideas.  Take time to explore the features available to you, and let's make this website a tool that will help Section 2 stay on the cutting edge in the 21st century!

Again, on behalf of all the officers of our section, thanks for visiting our website today, and in the future. May God bless all of you for your prayerful support.

Yours for the call of Christ,
Reverend  W.R.  Johnson, Sr.
Presbyter, Section 2


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